Lyon County Farm Service J.V.

can handle many of your paint needs.

Whether you are working on a big project and you need a paint

sprayer and 5 gallon buckets of paint or you just need a couple

cans of spray paint...

We've Got What You Need!

We work with Pittsburgh Paints and have over 1000 colors for

you to choose from.  We can also send a painted sample into

Pittsburgh Paints and they can custom match your color.

Lyon County Farm Service J.V. has airless paint sprayers that are

available to rent along with a boom truck that will reach 30 feet.

We've also got a variety of sundries

and other painting supplies to help you with all of

your painting projects...

  • Paint brushes - 1/2" to 4"

  • Painters tape

  • Foam brushes

  • Metal paint trays and plastic tray liners

  • 9" Roller covers - 3/8" to 3/4" nap

  • 9" roller frames

  • Paint edgers

  • Spackling

  • Wood filler

  • Sand paper - 180 and 220 Abrasion

  • Steel Wool

  • Spray paint in a variety of colors

  • Paint thinner - gallons and quarts

  • Drop Cloths

  • Tack Cloths

  • TSP

  • Oops Multi Purpose Cleaner and Remover

  • Dirtex Heavy Duty Cleaner

  • and more!

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