Lyon County Farm Service J.V. can help you with your 

Multi Peril and Crop Hail Insurance Needs!


  Lyon County Farm Service has also added Hudson for crop insurance.
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Purchase Your Crop Hail Insurance From Lyon County Farm Service J.V.!  We've got the Hail policy that best fits your needs -

Basic, DXS5, DXS10, or ACH (which guarantees you hail coverage up to 115% or 120% of your MPCI guarantee!) 


Don't let the unpredictable Minnesota weather catch you off-guard!

All Revenue Loss Claims for both companies have to be turned in by December 10th for corn and Soybeans 



Farming has an incredible amount of risk.  There are many perils that can cause a good crop to go bad.  A way to reduce the risk that is carried by a farmer is to have Crop Insurance.  Multi-Peril Crop Insurance and Crop Hail Insurance are two insurance policies that can be purchased independently or in combination.Crop Insurance is used to reduce your risk but also to protect your bushels for grain marketing, loan security, and business plans.We at Lyon County Farm Service J.V. pride ourselves as a value and solution Coop.  Our agents will gladly visit with you about any questions that you may have concerning crop insurance. The benefits:

• Your agents are experienced in the Crop Insurance Industry.

• We will be out to visit and follow up on the adjuster to make sure you are treated fairly.

• Technical expertise.  Your licensed agents are not only knowledgeable in crop insurance but also in agronomy.  We understand what the cost is to raise a good crop.  By knowing the cost we can help you pick the best coverage level for your operation.

• GPS and GIS field mapping is a service that we provide with the insurance.

• Work with experienced and knowledgeable adjusters.

• Personalized binder that you can take home with you that will have your policy information, acreage reports, certification reports, maps, and other miscellaneous information.

• Technology support on GPS and Yield Monitor Equipment.

• Computerized quote system.

• Your agents in the field are experienced crop management specialists that will help you understand any economic damage to the crop.

• Timely Claim settlement.

• We will keep you, our valued client, informed on insurance and crop issues by sending you our monthly Agronomy/Insurance newsletter.

  Insurance is an important part of your farming operation.  Disease, insects, drought, hail, excessive moisture, and other perils can cause a great deal of damage and stress.  Multi-Peril insurance has eight different coverage levels.  We can help you choose the right one that will best fit your operation and reduce the stress of a possible crop disaster. Why you should use ARMtechAgrinet Integrated Mapping in your operation:·         We can accurately map your fields and provide you with satellite maps of your farm that are no more than 2 years old (Included with Insurance). ·         Use outline maps for keeping track of planting, spraying, and harvesting information.  In almost all MPCI insurance levels there is replant coverage, prevent plant coverage, and quality factors for grain.  Revenue policies are also growing in popularity as a way to insure a certain dollar amount of coverage.

Don’t forget the hail insurance which can be combined with the MPCI or purchased alone.  Please visit with one of our agents if you have any questions.

Our Agents are:

Donna SkorczewskiManager, In-house Agent

Clyde BrunsAssistant Manager, Field Agent

Tom AndriesField Agent

Marie Rybinski: In-house Agent

Jacob Vierhuf: Field Agent

Visit the ARMtech Website!  Click Here  



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