Our Mission Statement

"To be a viable Co-operative providing agricultural supplies, and service

expertise and solutions for our Patrons at Best Value."

Agronomy is Our Business,

Service is Part of Our Name.


These are a few of the many Services

offered by Lyon County Farm Service J.V. :


-CustomFertilizer Spreading

-Custom Spraying Post and Pre-emergence

-Custom Anhydrous Application (Fall Season)

-Liquid Fertilizer Available

-Custom Chemical Impregnated Fertilizer

-Airflow Seeding of Alfalfa and Soybeans with Fertilizer

-Custom Fertilizer Blends

-Full Line of Crop Protection Products

-Crop Monitoring and Scouting

-Full Line of Pittsburgh Paint, with Paint Sprayers
and Boom Truck Available for Rent

-Seed corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat, oats, barley, CRP
and pasture seed,wild game feed seed, lawn grass seed,
sunflowers, and more from Croplan Genetics,
Asgrow/Dekalb, Mycogen, Syngenta, and Millborn Seeds

-Soil Sampling

-Personalized Chemical, Fertilizer and Seed Recommendations

-Sales and Service of various drying systems,
grain handling, spraying equipment, & sprayer parts

-GPS Mapping of boundaries & Tile lines

-Manure / Nutrient / Pest Management Plans

-Feedlot PermittingEQIP Program

-Crop Input Financing with Cooperative Finance Association, Inc.

-Record Keeping

-Federal Crop/Hail Insurance in association
with ARMtech Crop Insurance Services

-Satellite Field Mapping as part of our Crop Insurance

-Notary Public

-Agronomic Training sessions for Customers

-Very Knowledgeable Staff to Answer Your Agronomic Questions




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What Value Do We Offer?

What does Lyon County Farm Service J.V. offer of Value?


  1. Honesty and trust you can rely on.

  2. Employees with the experience and professionalism that works.  Also, people that care about you and your by helping manage risk.

  3. A locally owned business specializing in Agronomy and investing in assets for your future that are "state of the art", yet conservative.

  4. A company that focuses on convenience and peace of mind to customers.

  5. A company that considerably goes above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy a customer's own personal values.


You can Trust and Depend on Lyon County Farm Service J.V.!


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